Smart in OAC - AFNET 9

Smart in OAC - AFNET 9:

Multi-centre, multi-national, investigator-initiated, single-arm case-finding study of a cloud based analytic service as screening tool to detect and quantify episodes of atrial arrhythmia using an automated, wearable photoplethysmography-based monitoring system



Start of patient enrolment on 26 January, 2021. First patient-in on 31 January, 2021.

180 patients enrolled
2 sites open for recruitment

Status as of 29 June 2021. Updated are carried out quarterly




Planned number of participants



Germany, Poland, Spain, UK


Chief Investigator

Prof. Dr. Larissa Fabritz, University of Birmingham




Atrial Fibrillation NETwork (AFNET), Münster, Germany


Registration NCT04579159